As experienced Scottsdale chiropractors, we are here to serve you. We offer individualized chiropractic rehabilitation and effective state-of-the-art computerized adjustments, so there is no twisting and popping, We can help you eliminate or reduce pain naturally and improve your body’s function so you can get back to doing things you used to be able to do before the pain and limitation set in. We believe in empowering our patients through education. We will  share current research based best practices to help you maintain alignment and let you know what you can do for yourself to best take care of your body for health, wellbeing and longevity.


It has been one month since I went to see Dr. Larissa for shoulder pain in my left shoulder. Prior to my visits (went a few times) I couldn’t lift my arm more than 5 inches without experiencing sharp pain. I can easily lift my arm over my head without any discomfort. Even after 1 month. I strongly recommend visit with Dr. Larissa Woolston when you experience pain before trying any other measures (drugs, surgery, etc.).

Scott L.
Woolston Wellness helped me get back on my feet after a bad car accident! I highly recommend this place and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my Chiropractic needs. So thankful I tried this place! 🙂
Lauren H.
Dr. Larissa is a very knowledgeable, hard-working provider. She takes the time to explain what is going on inside your body, and she discusses the potential treatment options. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but went to her to help with debilitating headaches. She was able to resolve the problem very quickly. I highly recommend her and the entire practice.
Brian S.
While on vacation in Phoenix I was in a car accident and suffered a concussion. When I was being released from the hospital, the next morning, the medical doctor informed me that I would have severe, almost crippling, headaches from the trauma to my brain. I was referred to Dr. Woolston by a friend, to see if he could help with any side affects from the car accident. I saw Dr. Woolston the day I was released from the hospital and with his expertise and care I had no residual side affects from the accident. I never experienced even a slight headache. He was thorough and gentle and I would be a frequent patient if I lived in the Phoenix area. Thank you Dr. Woolston for treating my injury and allowing me to enjoy the rest of my vacation pain free!!
Julee B.
Dr. Jeff Woolston is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I was not aware of all the up to date chiropractic care practices and was a little nervous about it all but he explained how beneficial the non-evasive way of adjusting was! I was shocked. There is no scary popping and cracking! He is truly a master at his skill and I will be recommending him to all my family and friends. His service is top of the line!
Kelli K.


Woolston Wellness uses the latest in advanced technology. The Impulse IQ is a patented and FDA registered device was specifically created to deliver gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments to the joints of the spine and extremities to relieve pain and restore function.


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Since opening our doors in May of 2000, our reputation has brought patients to our office from the entire State, and not just from the Scottsdale and nearby metro Phoenix area. We believe everyone should be able to do what they love – and helping people do so, without pain, is what we love, too.

Chiropractic therapy forms the backbone of our clinic. We have built a hands-on approach that gets you off the table and back on your feet. We treat your body as a complex, interconnected system, and we combine our expertise, pulling techniques across rehabilitative disciplines. We use gentle, low force, high velocity state of the art adjusting instruments founded in published research to deliver the most effective, pain free adjustments. Read more…