Can you believe we’re almost to the end of August and September is less than 2 weeks away? Time really is flying by this year. We’re almost ready to enter the busiest time of the year. With the way this year is going, it will be 2018 before you know it.

Positive habits and healthy practices are common come January. Did you make any healthy resolutions at the start of 2017? Are you sticking with them? If so great, if not, remember it’s never too late to start a new habit or add new practices to support existing self-care rituals to your current routine. It’s important to consciously create positive habits so you live your life to the fullest and stay healthy and pain-free.

Life gets hectic. We get distracted. Sometimes we have difficulty carving out time for our own personal well-being. Here are 3 exercises you can do easily and quickly at your desk to prevent neck pain and stay in alignment longer in between visits:


IMG_6197Neck Rotations
Keeping your eyes parallel with the horizon, rotate your head to the right and hold. Take a deep breath.
Keep your shoulders back and down in a relaxed fashion. As you rotate to the right you will be looking over your right shoulder.
Hold that position for 20 seconds then return back to center.
Rotate to the left and hold the position for 20 seconds.


IMG_6177Cervical Lateral Bend
Sit up straight and flex your neck to one side so that your ear approximates towards your shoulder.
Make sure your shoulders are pulled back and your ear is in alignment over your shoulder.
Hold the stretch for 20 seconds then repeat on the other side.
Resist the urge to ‘pop’ your neck in any direction.


IMG_6171Neck Retractions 
Sit tall in the chair with a backrest. Keep looking forward while bringing your head backward, making sure not to tilt your head down (it may help to put a finger on your chin to guide your head back).Tuck your chin as if you were making a double chin while maintaining a forward gaze. A great way to visualize this exercise is thinking about giving yourself an extra chin, as it has this effect when performed.
Retract the neck back and hold for 10 seconds, then repeat 5 times. You should feel the muscles in the front of your neck engage.

Disclaimer: These exercises are suitable for most people. However, if you have recently sustained an injury or if you have a neck condition, or pain or other symptoms going down your arm, or you’re just unsure of what you should do – or how you should do it – please ask us.