We solve problems. Your pain symptoms are the start, but they don’t tell the whole story. Beyond your injury, we dive deep into your everyday life: your environment, nutrition, exercise routine, and posture. What makes you, you. Taking this time and care pays big; we catch what others miss, and you get back on track to a speedy recovery, often avoiding surgery. Our patients tell us we are often their last resort, before more pills, more invasive procedures, more pain. We are proud we deliver.

We promote self-knowledge—and teach you the tools. We want you to enjoy a pain-free life and reach your highest physical potential.  Which means giving you the resources—everything we’ve learned from our own training and personal experience —to recuperate, improve your performance, and prevent injuries.

We offer skilled, experienced care for auto accident victims. Our office is staffed by a stellar team with years of experience specifically focused on helping auto injury sufferers put pain in the rear view mirror. Drs. Woolston are trained to handle any auto accident injury from whiplash to back pain, soft tissue damage, and spinal trauma. And, our team is trained to handle all accident paperwork from insurance forms to legal material.

Visiting our office immediately after an accident is key, as collision induced forces can cause soft-tissue injuries that may not even present symptoms until days or weeks after an accident has occurred. Emergency room doctors by necessity focus on life-threatening injuries, and often send patients suffering from whiplash home with a neck brace and common pain relievers – neither of which can alleviate long-term accident damage. Addressing injuries through skillful realignments, we can cure accident related damage before it becomes debilitating.

We are focused on delivering results that make a difference. Since opening our doors in May of 2000, our reputation has brought patients to our office from the entire State, and not just from the Scottsdale and nearby metro Phoenix area. We believe everyone should be able to do what they love – and helping people do so, without pain, is what we love, too. Call us at 480-556-6797. We are here for you.